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6+ YEARS RUNNING | 1.20 | Towny & Survival SMP | Custom Items & Blocks | Custom Features | Events | Giveaways | Player Economy |

What makes us unique?
💸 Player-based and balanced economy
🌆 Many beautiful and active towns to join
🗺️ Live virtual map
🗳️ Frequent Voteparties for free rewards
🔭 Custom machines for storage, automation and more
⚔️ Custom tools and weapons with unique properties
🧲 Many custom and unique gadgets to obtain
🎆 Craftable talismans for boosts
🦊 Golden Lasso (lassos mobs into their respective egg form and keeps their data)
👑 Unique cosmetic hats to wear
🛋️ Custom furniture to decorate with
🗡️ Cosmetic skins for your weapons and tools
🛡️ Custom enchant upgrader with levels above vanilla
🧟 Custom Mobs in the wilderness
👷 Balanced and fun jobs
🎑 Hundreds of tasks to complete for rewards
🐬 Custom fishing
👟 Traditional and custom parkours
🏦 Custom Bank with interest rates
⛏️ Fossil collections to obtain
🕷️ Custom upgradable spawners
🏞️ Frequent Envoys with custom mobs
🛒 Playerwarps and player shops to buy anything you need
🔑 Many crates (all obtainable in-game)
🗓️ Weekly minigame events for in-game rewards
🎄 Seasonal Events with custom seasonal rewards
🙌 Community orientated (have your say with suggestions and polls)
📚 And a detailed and frequently updated Wiki with all the answers you need!



Oblivion Prison

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- A hybrid mix of 'old' style classic servers and the latest prison servers (old school guards, pvp areas, plot restrictions, rare blocks, and no more quadrillion of this, octillion of that, which gets exhausting and silly after a while)
- All of the 'standard' features you'd find in prison servers (crates, enchants, plots, etc)
- Gangs - with the addition of 'Gang Tournaments' where gangs compete together to win prizes (/gang, /tourny)
- Mystery boxes alongside 1 crate for each A-Z rank (NPC at spawn)
- Most of the server is custom coded - we have only some standard plugins which run alongside our custom ones.
- Custom drugs & a unique way of obtaining 'useable' drugs (/drugs)
- Dynamic events & server activity, including our semi-automated Events plugin
- Several day-to-day things, such as daily missions (/daily), daily quests (NPC's) and more
- Rare blocks & rare items fully integrated into the game, alongside 'stock' so you can keep track of how many of one item is on the server at any one time (/rares)
& more



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What to expect from our Minecraft Servers List 2023?

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How to make the best of these Minecraft Servers?

Some simple steps to get started
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  • Select the Minecraft server of your choice from our list, hit Add Server again and key in the server IP address. That's it!
You can now have fun playing on one of the Best Minecraft Servers. If you would like to change the server, pick another one from our list and follow the instructions above once again.
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